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Focusing on the High-Rise Condo market, Muse Integration understands the needs of an “efficient” condo. Space is limited and the widely-varied architecture makes for a one-of-a-kind installation every time. No two condos are ever alike and no two installations are ever the same. Each require a creative approach to a seem-less integration of audio, visual, lighting, HVAC, security, and wireless networks.


Bars, restaurants, board rooms, or hair salons Muse Integration can handle any commercial need. We are not salesmen, but business consultants that act in your best interest. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, seem-less system that will help keep customers coming back. Our commercial installations are what we like to call "bullet proof" meaning that you don't have to worry about passing control off to your managers or customers getting in the way. Our installations look invisible and act invisible as well 

Video Art

We provide a platform for video art to be displayed and controlled properly. Using self-automated timers, when necessary, cost control is always on our minds. Working with the designer to take the picture from their head and transform it into video art is something we take pride it. The includes working with the owner on detailed decisions on art activation, placement, equipment purchases, color formatting and seem-less installation

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