Specializing in Dallas's High-Rise living. Muse Integration is attuned to the needs of an “efficient” home, ranging from modern high rise condos to sprawling estates. 



Commercial Restaurant, Bar, or Boardroom, Muse Integration can handle your needs. It’s a delicate mix to find the amount of aesthetics and budget in mind for a project. As in all of our projects, we act as a consultant and not a salesman. The purpose to find ROI of a system is always a difficult challenge and needs a mindful analyst.


We are the digital “canvas stretcher” providing a platform for video art to be displayed and controlled properly. The art world is changing and so does the technology. Muse Integration has the knowledge and resources that standard Art installation companies don’t.





Muse Integration believes that bringing the best light in to a project is one of the most important aesthetics. No matter how pretty the furniture, millwork, or stone, it all needs to be seen and that starts with the right light fixtures.  Combined with amazing control, every project will be sure to shine! 


2626 Cole Ave, Ste 300

Dallas, TX 75204

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